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Not quite spoons.

So, between being a fat chick, dating fat guys and those guys having pretty much average length cocks, I've never really managed the spooning position for sex (I've also never had sex while standing up and facing my partner). So, this morning, my lover and I were messing around, and it occured to me that I couldn't remember even trying it with him.

So, I asked Troy if he'd ever had side-by-side sex before, and he hadn't either. We made a couple of clumsy, giggling attempts at it before I finally gasped out, "oh, never mind" between giggles. However, after a little more smooching, Troy got an idea. (This is why I love geek boys.) We ended up kinda perpendicular to each other. The best way I can describe it is:
  • guy lying on his back
  • woman straddles him, facing his feet
  • she falls over sideways onto the bed, half taking him with her
  • they keep having sex
This was not, mind you, how we got into this position ... but it's a good way to visualize it. It reminded me a little of a sex scene from The Pillow Book, and it was certainly one of the more acrobatic positions we'd tried.

Penetration wasn't instantaneous, though. Since neither of us could really see what was going on where we were joined, there was a lot of scooching around before Troy's cock got to my cunt ... and then there was slippage. However, I finally found that wetting my fingers, reaching down, blocking him from going any further towards my clit (fun as that was, mind you) and pushing him in did the trick. And he could reach over and rub my clit while fucking me, which is a first considering how we're both built.

No one ever mentions having to be quite so physically blunt about it when they describe this position -- it always sounds like it should just magically happen. However, it would seem that size (body, penis, etc.) really doesn't matter so long as the partners are willing to let the first tries be some of the funniest sex they've ever had.
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