My turtlecock.

I guess I count as a turtlecock cos I've got a tiny willy and when it goes hard the skin gets pulled right up from my balls and makes what I've always known as a turtleneck. Do other people know this word for it? Anyway, I'd love to talk with other guys about it all.

Anyone around?

I was excited to find this community a few weeks ago, but disappointed at how inactive it is ... anyone still here, and anyone still following it? I'd love to see more photos and discussion about turtlecocks -- and I'll contribute if others are still around and chip in, too! For those that are here, are you an owner of a turtlecock (as I am), or an admirer? I suspect most are owners, but it would be nice to find some admirers, too!
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VIDEOS of me CUMMING (male)