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A Place to Come Out of Your Shell...'s Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
A Place to Come Out of Your Shell...

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My turtlecock. [29 Jul 2009|11:17pm]
I guess I count as a turtlecock cos I've got a tiny willy and when it goes hard the skin gets pulled right up from my balls and makes what I've always known as a turtleneck. Do other people know this word for it? Anyway, I'd love to talk with other guys about it all.
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CYBER-BUDDIES WANTED.... [15 Feb 2009|02:38pm]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )
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The rest of my stuff. [12 Mar 2007|03:46pm]

A full body vid is uploading.

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Check out my homepage with masturbation films [25 Dec 2006|04:39am]


And please drop me a message or a letter; I'd really like to hear your opinion!
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My Husbands Cock [15 Sep 2006|09:37pm]

[ mood | content ]

He let me take a few pictures last night.  I hope you enjoy.

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Anyone around? [25 Jun 2006|12:44pm]

[ mood | Wondering ... ]

I was excited to find this community a few weeks ago, but disappointed at how inactive it is ... anyone still here, and anyone still following it? I'd love to see more photos and discussion about turtlecocks -- and I'll contribute if others are still around and chip in, too! For those that are here, are you an owner of a turtlecock (as I am), or an admirer? I suspect most are owners, but it would be nice to find some admirers, too!

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[14 Nov 2005|07:39pm]

Anyone know where i can upload nude pics and not get in trouble?
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VIDEOS of me CUMMING (male) [23 Mar 2005|05:53pm]
Video of me cumming, select FREE for your download (in bottom of page) and wait 30 seconds for the download ticket to be ready :











also pics of me :

my yahoo group :
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[14 May 2004|05:10pm]


Come check out and join this awesome community.
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A comment from a different journal ... [03 May 2003|01:10am]
[ mood | *tee hee* ]

... on get a larger dick, get more women spam.

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Just want to make you aware... [02 Oct 2002|07:22am]

Can some of you please go and tell these people that a turtle cock is completely normal and NOT something to ridicule or pity? I tried, but people are stupid, and I figued y'all might be able to do a better job.

Danka mucho!
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[29 Sep 2002|03:04pm]

My new toysCollapse )
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A Thank You [24 Sep 2002|01:43pm]

New community dedicated to furthering the spirit of some of
the goals and values of those who have been so intregal a part
of some of the people that touched the hearts and minds of
many of the folks most important to those of us who have
learned and cherished so very, very much in these hard times.

Thank You

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[02 Aug 2002|08:58pm]

I didn't know mortals could understand things.

When I saw this community, I felt relieved.

I felt understood.

I have a classic case of turtlecock. It's embarassing, especially since I'm a greek god. Do you know how many sculptures of me there are? And every single one displays my member in the "shell" position.

On the other hand, I am also the god of cock.

And when it is big, my penis is an omen of protection.
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Hmmm... [27 Jul 2002|05:19pm]
I guess this community was ill-conceived...not many guys (or gals) are willing to admit to having (or accepting) average sized cocks...Even if we do make up the majority of society!!!

On a much more positive note...averageparts seems to have found a niche...and I freely admit it is a much more inclusive community to all members...

So if you haven't already, perhaps you might want to wander over there and take a look...

~the Mod
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An Old Line... [13 Jul 2002|06:26pm]

[ mood | amused ]

...But when I heard it recently on the radio, well it mad me smile:

"I might not touch bottom, but I sure do work the sides"

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NEW Community [12 Jul 2002|11:25pm]
This time to try and include everyone (well 18 and Over) right away


It is like turtlecocks...but geared towards both genders...so join...and POST DAMNIT!!!...and Get your friends to post...It is what all the cool average people are doing...

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[ mood | horny ]

Well, I'm back from a long beautiful vacation in Brockton, Mass. I loved staying there at my friend Bri's wonderful one bedroom apartment for the last 4-5 months. So many sexy, chunky black men and woman there. The only thing missing in life there was a computer because we had no electricity in the apartment(though that didn't bother us much cuz we both like candlelight, if you know what I mean ;) ha). Well, I'm back and I got a lot of work to do finding some new sexy boys and girls with my handy search button so I'll write more later.

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Not quite spoons. [31 May 2002|10:15am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

So, between being a fat chick, dating fat guys and those guys having pretty much average length cocks, I've never really managed the spooning position for sex (I've also never had sex while standing up and facing my partner). So, this morning, my lover and I were messing around, and it occured to me that I couldn't remember even trying it with him.
Probably more than you wanted to know about me.Collapse )

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